The Ten Steps Formula of using Social Media Marketing for Business Growth – Part2

If you feel you’re doing all the right things on social, yet failing to see any noticeable growth, don’t throw in the towel just yet. We are here to Help you.

Welcome back! Let us recall the first five steps that we covered in Part1 of this blog:

1. Understand Your Customers & the Market You are Operating in.

2. Analyse What Your Competitors Do.

3. Start with the End Objective in Mind.

4. Build Your Brand Image and Recall. 

5. Do not Just Connect, Engage!

Now on with the story…

6. Pay and You Shall Reap!

Simply relying on organic traffic to your website and expecting business to grow from there is like daydreaming today. When all the things around you are commercialised why should Social Media be any different. This is where paid advertising comes into picture.  Based on the content that we create, along with the keywords and other insights provided by the search engines and social media platforms, when we use paid campaigns the probability of reaching the right target audience is at its highest. Gone are the days when the search engines used to shell out free information at the top. With the advent of sponsored advertisements, all major search engines like Google and social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram now give you an opportunity to be seen first over and above the organic content. The rate at which paid advertisements has grown, it is likely that organic content will be left far behind.

A note of caution, since there is money at stake, one should leave social media marketing at the hands of the experts. Hiring a professional Digital Marketing Agency is highly recommended. 

7. Content is the King!

One must never undermine the quality of content in any form of marketing. Since Social Media has a bigger and wider reach, it becomes more important to create valuable content. The quality of content is directly proportional to the popularity that you gain on Social Media. People appreciate content that engages them, fulfils their thirst for right information and provides solution to their needs. Innovative content encourages prospects to return to you or work as references. Improved organic ranking on search engines is the direct benefit that fresh and creative content can bring to you.

8. Do not Stop at Increasing Traffic, convert them into Business.

Like in football dribbling well is not the end objective, scoring goals is. Once you have attracted the eyeballs and increased the traffic to your website, letting prospects go without buying from you is a crime. There are couple of methods that can help you convert the prospect into customers who are willing to pay.

Tell them what to do next – A precise Call to Action (CTA) is a must. It can get you the desired results. People need to be motivated to take an action. Communicate a compelling call to action and you will not be disappointed. 

Tell them you can easily win! – Create a Contest or offer Discounts which will make the buyer feel like a winner at the end. It works as a Win-Win situation. The buyer gets the product/service, and you get business. What better way to generate sales? The word-of-mouth publicity that you can get with contests or discounts is always astonishing. Increased brand awareness and recall is a bonus.

9. Make it a matter of Trust.

Whatever you communicate through Social Media Marketing needs to be truthful. Getting your post viral can be a boon when you deliver as promised and a bane when you do not. Once the trust is established through rightful communication, you can only expect brand loyalty and repeat customers because transactions through social media are just a matter of few clicks.

It is of utmost importance to be responsive to your prospects and customers on Social Media. Just being in touch with them by timely replying to their comments, feedbacks, complaints and even appreciations goes a long way in Social Media Marketing.

10. Do not sit on the fence, Act now!

Social Media Marketing is all about getting into the act. The amount of information at your disposal on Social Media Marketing is mind boggling and can delay your decision-making process. In that time your competitor can run away with your business. So, Act Now! The best part in Social Media Marketing is that you can fine tune a campaign anytime.

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