I remember my Marketing Guru telling us that there is nothing right or wrong in Marketing. Irrespective of the type or the form, it is only the result that proves the worth of your marketing effort.

Increase Your Brand Aura with Digital Marketing

I remember my Marketing Guru telling us that there is nothing right or wrong in Marketing. Irrespective of the type or the form, it is only the result that proves the worth of your marketing effort. There is no bigger failure if a great visual and a wonderful ad-copy do not fulfill the business objective. And there is no bigger success if an ordinary visual and a mediocre ad-copy accomplishes the desired result.

Over the years, the practices in Marketing may have changed many times but the principles remain the same. Love it or hate it, the latest trend in marketing known as Digital Marketing is here to stay.

Advantage Digital Marketing:

  • Measurable

The biggest advantage that Digital Marketing has over any other form of marketing is that it is absolutely transparent and measurable. One can actually calculate the results through the traces of the digital footprint of the campaigns that one has created. On the other hand, let us take an example of an advertisement published in the newspaper. One will never be able to completely calculate the return on the investment made in a newspaper advertisement because one would never know how many people actually saw your advertisement and acknowledged it. In spite of knowing the circulation figures of the newspaper, the results in terms of impressions are likely to remain in the suspense. And we all know what the value of a newspaper is the very next day.      

  • Equable 

Whether you are a David or a Goliath, Digital Marketing gives you a platform with equal opportunities. In conventional marketing, one can rollover the competition by the mere power of money. However, in Digital Marketing the quality of content or the quality score of your advertisement can put you ahead of your competition no matter how big or small they are.

  • Cost Effective

Even Gartner acknowledges in one of its reports that four out of 10 people who used Digital Marketing claimed to get considerable savings by using Digital Marketing for promotions of their goods and services. Do we say more?

  • Result Oriented

If you have relevant content on your Digital Marketing platforms as per the keywords being searched for, the traffic is bound to come to you. With the right traffic coming to you, the chances of conversion are obviously higher as these are as good as validated leads. Even Google in one of its statements confirms that one can anticipate almost three times revenue growth with the help of Digital Marketing.

  • Target Specific

Digital Marketing facilitates targeting a specific audience for your goods and services. As the algorithms of search engines are getting more and more intelligent, searching for your specific set of prospects is becoming more and more predictable. Isn’t it a boon if you are able to identify your potential customers from the sea of the audience out there?

  • Action Facilitator

Creating an effective call to action is one of the key components of a successful marketing effort. If you see a print advertisement in a newspaper or a pamphlet asking you to call a specific number to know more, what are the chances that one would see the number in one medium and key it in the other medium which can be your mobile or landline phone?  On the other hand, the same advertisement on a digital platform device facilitates clicking the number easily from the same medium. Now that we are getting lazier by the day when the call for action is available at your fingertip wouldn’t that be easier to convert?

  • Equanimous Solicitor 

There is no just system of paying for what you have consumed than Digital Marketing. If one has paid for 1000 impressions one is charged for exactly showing 1000 impressions, not a single more or not a single less. If one has opted for pay per click, no matter how many times your advertisement shows up, you are not charged till someone actually clicks your advertisement. Compare it with the charges of any other form of advertisement and the difference is starkly evident. 


Beyond conventional marketing, Digital Marketing is the best medium for expanding your brand reach and recall. From the comfort of your desktop or laptop, you can literally reach every nook and corner of the world through the internet. You connect better with all the age groups and personas of your prospects as the aura of your brand registers and resonates well with almost everyone who is connected digitally. Hail Digital Marketing!!!

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